Andre Vignoles
French, b. 1920

André Vignoles is a painter of still lifes and portraits, but is best known for his representations of the landscape. During the 1940s, Vignoles studied painting in Paris and frequently submitted his works to the Salon d'Automne where he was a member of the Council. Between 1951 and 1959, he exhibited his works in Paris at the Salon au Jeunes Peintres.

Vignoles references some sentimental aspects of the landscape after Poussin, but also adopts an Impressionistic manner of applying paint to the canvas. The bright palette and loose brushwork is reminiscent of landscapes by the French Impressionists. Vignoles paints landscapes of his native France, but also during his travels around Western Europe including Spain, Italy, and Capri.

In this landscape, Vignoles paints the forest landscape of Provence. In the 1890s, Monet painted a series of landscapes in the region at varying times of the day and during different seasons. Like his artistic predecessor, Vignoles experiments with different light effects on the French landscape.

Bouquet des Fleurs
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