Joseph Thors
British, 1863-1900

Joseph Thors was a highly-respected 19th-century British landscape painter from London. He also worked in the Midlands region, the area surrounding Birmingham, England's second largest city at that time. Thors was regarded as an important member of the Birmingham School, a prestigious group of artists from the Midlands area.

Thors exhibited over 40 times at the most prestigious galleries in London, such as the Royal Academy, the British Institution, and Suffolk Street. Not surprisingly, he also had numerous exhibitions in Birmingham.

His landscape paintings are described as rustic scenes with cottages, figures and animals, painted in a style clearly influenced by the Norwich School. This wooded river landscape is predominantly executed in an almost monochromatic palette, spectacularly heightened by the golden glow left behind by the setting sun. The depth of the landscape is deftly created by the placement of horizon in the middle ground, with the river in the foreground balanced by the farm house.