A. Cybopoba
Russian, 20th Century
A Floral Still Life
Oil on board
31 by 21in. W/frame 40 by 30in.

Inventory Number: Art C20
1950-present Period 1950-Present Still Life Impressionist/Post Impressionist

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A. Cybopoba
Russian, 20th Century

Less well known in this tradition of creativity is the painting of the Russian Impressionist period, lasting from approximately 1930 to 1980. Russian Impressionism made an important contribution to the cultural heritage of Russia, but until recently, little has been known of its beauty and quality and its leading artists because of Soviet isolationism. It is now being collected and recognized by art historians, museum directors, curators and collectors as some of the best art produced in the twentieth century.

Stylistically, Russian Impressionism was deeply influenced by many of the characteristics of French Impressionism, including a sense of freedom, spontaneity and vibrant emotion, using heavy brush strokes, light palette, plein aire style and bold color, all translated into a strong, purely Russian sensibility. Depictions of the laboring peasantry by French artists Francois Millet and Gustave Courbet as well as the works of Eugene Boudin and Edouard Manet also influenced the subject matter of Russian Impressionism.