Pierre Cornu
French, 1895-1996
Jeune Femme Alonge
Oil / Canvas
14 by 18 in. W/frame 20 by 24 in.
Signed lower right


Landau Collection France
Private Collection France
Le Trianon Fine Art & Antiques

Inventory Number: Art C268
1900-1949 European Figurative Interior Period 1900-1949 Impressionist/Post Impressionist

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Pierre Cornu
French, 1895-1996

Pierre Cornu was born November 16, 1895 in Salon de Provence.  Born into a prosperous family of merchants oils and soaps, Cornu knows a pampered childhood and happy during which his attraction to drawing and color manifests itself fairly quickly. He will have the opportunity, throughout his life to be able to concentrate on his passion of painting. 

His paintings are often honored in all the great Parisian salons. He exhibits regularly with René Auguste Chabaud and Seyssaud in Marseille.

Financial troubles forced him to emigrate several years in Morocco where he begins a new life, never abandoning painting, perfecting his art (abundance of beautiful colors, resembling oriental tapestries.

Back a few years later in France, he settled in the region of Aix en Provence where he will end his life, exposing the entire region and its surroundings, recognized by all (it will visit famous in his studio like never ceasing to paint).

All his life he was "... true epicurean, very attracted to women in the glow of their youth, lovers of Provence which magnifies the light colors, its serene and optimistic view of life allowed him to create a voluptuous and fresh paint.

His taste for feminine beauty must not make us forget that P.Cornu was a talented portraitist and an excellent painter of still lifes, mostly of flowers and landscapes.

In fact, in all these genres, the only reason of interest to him was the beauty that has always discover to idealize and forever ...

Like Bonnard, he seems to have painted only for the joy of painting but also wished to remember to show and share happy moments. "

Interviewed in the book "Horned serene pleasure" by Jean Perreau Editions Galerie Michel Estades.