Jean Marzelle
French, b. 1916
Reflets sur la Rivière
Oil on canvas
28 ¾ by 36 in. W/frame 36 ¾ by 44 in.
Signed lower right

Inventory Number: Art M85
European Landscape Period 1950-Present Modernist

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Jean Marzelle
French, b. 1916

Born in 1916, Jean Marzelle studied at the school of the Art schools of Montpellier, then in Paris. His paintings were influenced by the work of Cézanne and marked by the colors of the Mediterranean light.

Jean Marzelle was accepted for the first time in the Salon of Autumn in 1942. He gained various prices while exposing beside his contemporaries in France. He then exhibited individually at many of the prominent exhibition halls in Paris since 1953 and obtained the Critic’s prize in 1957. 

Jean Marzelle has also shown his works in many of the fine art exhibitions world wide, in particular in New York (1953), Geneva (1958), Italy, Japan and Canada. As much of the artists of his generation, he sought a compromise between the projections of the contemporary art and realism. He was associated to pump out of Ségonzac, and in Jacques Villon, and had bonds of friendship with more abstract artists such as Edouard Pignon and Olivier Estève.

Museums and Exhibitions:

Museum of National Art Modern, Paris; Museum of the town, Paris; Museum of the towns, Sète, Le Havre, Mount of Marsan; Museum of Liege, Belgium; Museum of the Grand-Duchy, Luxembourg