Joel Kermarrec
French, B.1939
Untitled, New York
Oil & Acrylic on Canvas
63 ¼ by 51 in. W/frame 64 by 51 ¾.
Signed & dated 1967

Inventory Number: Art K28
Abstract Subject European Period 1950-Present Abstract Contemporary Modernist

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Joel Kermarrec
French, B.1939

Joël Kermarrec moved to Paris in. He particpated in 1968 at the expostion « Impact » at the Museum of modern Art of Ceret. In 1968 he exhibited at the expostion of Art at the University of Vincennes in Paris under the direction of Jean Laude. In 1969 he exhibited at the ARC Museum of Modern Art of Paris with Jacques Poli & Herve Telemaque. In 1972 he exhibited « à Douze ans d'art contemporain » at the Grand Palais Paris. In 1975 he taught Art at the l'école des beaux-arts de Marseille/Lumigny from 1975 à 1987. In 1977 he exhibits « Mythologies quotidiennes à l'ARC2 in Paris. In 1987, he taught at the School of Beaux-arts in Paris. His works are exhibited in many museums throught the world.