Alain Bonnefoit
French, b. 1937

Born in 1937 in Montmartre, Bonnefoit entered L’Ecole des Arts Appliqué and L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts in 1953. Continuing with his education he enrolled at the L’Ecole des Beaux Arts in Brussels to study Engraving and Sculpture and in 1962 he returned to Paris to study with the renowned sculptor Volti.

It was under Volti’s influence that Bonnefoit dedicated himself to the female nude, of which he has become a master. Although well known for his oil paintings, Bonnefoit also practises the art of Sumi-e; a form of traditional Eastern drawing, somewhat akin to calligraphy and extremely difficult to master. This particular technique contains a unity in its line, which only heightens the simplistic sensuality of Bonnefoit’s work.

Bonnefoit aims to master and create the essence of women through his art – emphasising their power and freedom. The landscapes of France and Italy when viewed "en plein air" have inspired sensuality in the undulating lines of his depictions of the female nude.

Alain Bonnefoit has had major exhibitions throughout the world, including France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Japan, Tahiti, and the United States.