Amedee Cham
French, 1819-1879

Amédée Noah is the son of Louis, Count of Noah and peer of France, who was also a draftsman and talented cartoonist, to whom we owe a collection of sketches of his colleagues in the House of Lords , he was making drawings during the sessions and now preserved in Paris at the Library of the Senate .Amédée de Noé was a candidate in the Polytechnic because of his predisposition for mathematics ; it fails the oral.

His natural taste for drawing made him attend the workshops of painters Nicolas-Toussaint Charlet and Paul Delaroche ; under their influence, he specialized in caricature. He published a first album, Mr. Lajaunisse and collaborates to the newspaper Le Charivari , giving it for thirty-six years the bulk of its production. His taste for the absurd made him one of the great comedians of the newspaper. His drawings are worth not only by the simple and strong plot, probably inspired by Honoré Daumier , but also by the spirit and by the captions that accompany them.

At the beginning of this collaboration he adopts the pseudonym "Cham", which sums up his mind: one can indeed read as the beginning of his two names, Charles and Amadeus, but we can also see there a biblical reference, being the son of the Earl of Noah Cham was the irreverent son of Noah , who revealed to his brothers the nakedness of their father drunk. He draws picture stories until 1843 , when he worked for Le Charivari as a cartoonist, and L'Illustration as an illustrator. He often uses the technique of narrative sequence.

In 1852 , it still produces travelogues, travel around the world by Mr. Cham and his umbrella, using this technique . He also published several caricatures of albums such as Proudhon travel and comic History of the National Assembly. His whimsical and inventive mind allows him to participate in the writing of plays.

For example, it plays in collaboration:
A martingale vaudeville in one act with Clairville and Henri Rochefort , Variety Theatre , April 6, 1862;
The Feathered Serpent, comic opera , music of Léo Delibes , Theatre des Bouffes-Parisiens , December 16, 1864;
Le Myosotis, mental alienation and music, with William Busnach , music Charles Lecocq , 1866.

Cham had made a specialty of cartoons with subject the Carnival of Paris , his Descent of Courtille , the Fat Ox , the Mi-Carême . He made hundreds and entire albums. Cham's reputation, "the Offenbach caricature," according to Arsène Alexandre , was considerable during his lifetime. "His mind without malice delighted Parisian bourgeois under the Second Empire to the point that the readers of" Charivari "preferred his drawings those of Daumier. "[French IV Fund [ref. required] ]

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