Andre Marchand  
French, 1907–1997

Andre Marchand was born in the Aix-en-Provence region of France on February 10, 1907. He attended the Jesuit School where his father was a mathematics teacher. At the age fourteen, Marchand began to paint landscapes with the use of watercolors. ??Marchand left his father to study in Paris.

Struggling for money, he worked as a laborer first in a construction site for four years. Despite it hindered his education about the arts, Marchand visited the Louvre. When he went back to school, he worked at the tutelage of Darius Milhaund, Francis Gruber, and Pierre Talcot. He began to exhibit his works at the Salon d’Automne and Salon des Independants. Marchand then travelled to the Mediterranean coast where he drew inspiration from the coast. ??

Marchand lived the rest of his life in Provence where he drew mostly landscapes and still life. Marchand’s artistic repertoire grew. His traditional style transited into a more modern, semi-abstract style in his artworks. His artworks began to also reflect his admiration for Matisse, almost mimicking his art style.

Paris Salon D'Automne in 1932
Salon des Independants in 1933
With the Group “Force Nouvelle” until 1939
He was the founder of the Salon de Mai

Solo exhibtions:
Paris, Gallery Louis Carre, 1943-1944
Gallery Maeght, Paris, 1953 & 1961
San Paulo Biennale, 1954
Venise Bennale, 1956
Gallery Carpentier, Paris, 1963
Gallery de la Presidence, Paris, 1986

Paul Guillaume Award, 1937

His paintings can be viewed in museums in a number of cities, including Algiers, Liege, and Paris, Tokyo, London, Venise, San Paulo..etc...

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