Bencion (Benn) Rabinowitch
Poland 1905 - Paris 1989

He came from a rabbinic family, his father was an architect. The future artist, he studied drawing and painting since the age of 12. Since 1922 he worked alone in their hometown. In the years 1926-1930 he was a theater decorator. In 1927 he had his first exhibition in Bialystok, from 1928 exhibited in Warsaw. In 1929, he received a 3-year scholarship to study in Paris, where in 1930 he attended the studio of Fernand Léger.

He remained in Paris permanently changing citizenship to the French. He co-wide trend of international Ecole de Paris of the interwar period. He remained faithful to figuration with a penchant for geometric styling. During World War II, imprisoned with his wife in the transit camp, she avoided deportation with the help of Jean Paulhena and was by it being the end of the war. After the war, the artist took up the subject of the Bible, created m. In. a series of 126 illustrations for the psalms. These works were exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris, the Museum of Lyon and elsewhere.

Dancing Girls