David Alexander
Canadian, 1947-

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, David studied at the Vancouver School of Art (1967-70), Langara College, BC (1971-72), Notre Dame University, BC, B.F.A. (1975-1978) and at the University of Saskatchewan, M.F.A. (1985).His background inludes a Master's thesis on a personal account of the ways in which the Impressionist painters, Monet and Cézanne, influenced his work, curatorial investigation of the 1930’s paintings on paper by Emily Carr and an extensive knowledge of both historical and contemporary works.

From 1982 to date, David has been invited as a guest as well as visiting artist at Universities and public Galleries throughout Canada, the USA and Europe. His work has been exhibited extensively in these Countries and can be found in numerous public, corporate and private collections.

David has always relied on firsthand experience as a source of inspiration for his landscape paintings.His wilderness hikes have taken him into remote areas of the Rockies, along the rugged shores of Greenland and Baffin Island, into the deserts of New Mexico, and to Holland, Germany, Belgium and in 2002 to Iceland where his work was exhibited and the Hafnarborg Institute of Fine Arts.

David has recently returned to British Columbia, where he has been painting in remote areas of the interior.

Landscape as Muse, Season 4, featuring David Alexander won the coveted Gemini Award for Best Arts Documentary Program or Series.