Edward Widmayer
American, 1923–2010

Born in New York City, Widmayer exhibited an early talent for painting and copied religious paintings at the age of 13 while a student at parochial school. In creating his original oils, fine artist Ed Widmayer has mastered several styles in his lifetime, from realism to modern. His abstract art, dubbed modern realism, depicts recognizable images in blocks of bold colors and shapes. Widmayer's first work is dated 1937. Widmayer enlisted in the Military where he served during WWII. He returned to Pratt after the War to continue his education where he studied with Hans Hofmann. He spent part of 1951 in Paris studying with Fernand Léger and Amadée Ozenfant. He returned to NYC to live, paint and exhibit Abstract Art in The Village. He worked as an Illustrator and as a model for major national advertising. At one time he was the chauffeur for Peggy Guggenheim and became close to the early, inner scene of the NYC Abstract Art scene.

While in Paris he painted a large body of abstract expressionist works, mostly on paper. Widmayer was selected for a national exhibition at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. The modern master's works are represented in the many private collections

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