Frank Myers
American, 1899-1956

Born in Cleves, OH on Feb. 23, 1899, Frank Myers, in 1917 became a pupil of Duveneck and Weis at the Cincinnati Art Academy followed by training at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and in France at the School of Fine Arts at Fontainebleau. While on summer vacation in 1926, he first visited the Monterey Peninsula where he painted scenes of the Pacific.

He was a member of the faculty at the Cincinnati Art Academy for 23 years and active in Taos, New Mexico before making his final move to Pacific Grove, CA in 1940. There he built a studio-home on Crest Avenue. 

Early in his career he painted landscapes and portraits; after moving to California, his subject, except on rare occasions, was the ocean á la Frederick Waugh. He was a vital force in the Monterey Peninsula art world for 16 years, teaching and serving on art juries.

He died in San Francisco on March 7, 1956. Posthumously, he was given the City and County of San Francisco Award.

Cincinnati Art Club; MacDowell Society; Carmel Art Association (pres. 1953); Southwest Art.

Cincinnati Museum, 1917-40; Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Art, 1920 (1st prize); Ohio State Fair, 1923 (1st prize); Maxwell Gallery (SF), 1937; De Young Museum, 1945, 1958 (memorial); Calif. State Fair, 1952 (1st prize); Lodi Art Annual, 1952 (1st prize); Oakland Art Gallery, 1953 (silver medal); Carmel Museum, 1968-72; Cincinnati Museum, 1988 (retrospective).

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