Hieronymus Janssens
Flemish, 1624-1693

Hieronymus Janssens was baptized in Antwerp on 1 October 1624.He studied under Christophe Van Der Laemen, and in 1644 was made a free Master of the guild of St. Luke in Antwerp. In 1960 he married Chatharina van Dooren and they had a daughter.

Janssens ,who worked for the Prince Don John of Austria. He mainly painted mainly scenes of balls and celebrations .He also painted figures in architectural paintings by other artists,in particular Van Ehrenberg and Jan Gherinx.

For manny years his work was confused with that of Victor Honore Janssens, and was attributed by some experts to an artist by the name of Gonzales Coques

A Gathering in the Royal Gardens
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