José Bermudo Y Mateos
Spanish, 1853-1920

Jose Bermudo Y Mateos was known for his art based on Andalusian customs and traditions and also for his portraits. He studied at the University of Fine Arts in Seville and also traveled to Rome to continue his training at Academia Chigi. His work featured in exhibitions in Paris, where he won numerous awards at the Exposition Universelle. He also exhibited at the Salons in Madrid and Venice during the later part of the 19th century. He became a valued and admired painter among art dealers and collectors.


His technique of much picturesque material, showed the deep admiration for the maestros of the Spanish painting: Velázquez, Carreño, Murillo, and above all Goya, to whom he grew inspiration from.It was his drawing and academicism with many touches of rich chromatic variety that concentrated, above all, on the day-to-day scenes which depicted workers and toreadors that were the most evident characteristics of Bermudo’s paintings.