Leon Detroy
French, 1857–1955

DETROY had studied at the École des Beaux-Arts academy in Paris. He was dedicated to follow plein air painting and moved to the region of Creuse, Limousin.

There he was introduced to Claude Monet, Bonnard, Vuillard and Guillaumin by a common friend the poet Maurice Rollinat in Fresselines.

Alternately Detroy lived in Paris, Agay, in Gargilesse and Crozant. This small town in the center of the region of the Creuse gave the group of impressionist painters its name École de Crozant.

Detroy is common with Armand Guillaumin and both are reknown as the main representatives of this group of artists.

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Public collections:
La Châtre; Musée George Sand et de la Vallée Noire