Marie Antoinette Boullard-Deve
French, 1890-1970

Marie was born in Paris circa 1890. In 1908, she studied at the Beaux-Arts and met her first husband Pierre Fournier des Corats, a sculptor in the art deco style around 1917 but separated after the war. In the 1920s, she became Marie Antoinette Boullard-Devé and Indochina with her new husband. She paints the inhabitants of this country, visits Cambodia and the temple of Angkor. Most of his known works date from this period. It illustrates a great book, Vision of Indochina, of 20 Lithographs. This book Is published at 250 copies.

One of her oils is found in Marseilles in a museum, another in Paris. Pieces of a fresco can be found in the Museum of Fine Arts. After a few years spent in Paris during the Second World War, She will join her son André des Corats in Tangiers where he is an architect, in charge of improvement of the port. She will finish her days around 1970.

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