Paul LeMasson
French, 1897-1971

LeMasson was born near Nantes (West of France and South of Brittany) in 1897 and almost all his life lived near Nantes where he died in 1971. Paul Lemasson exceled at painting village scenes filled with lively characters like the old flemish masters.That way the printer's Catalda Fine Art in New York completed in 1952 the print of some of his so characteristic paintings.

Paul Lemasson was particularly good too at painting the peace and quiet of his native country, the Nantes area and at showing its landscapes, its Loire bank and Erdre bank, its seasides and at describing the daily life of its people and at painting sill lifes.

Trained by a former student of Puvis de Chavannes he completed several mural paintings and religious scenes in different churches included the one of his native village Saint Mars du Désert. He completed murals in the Pontchateau church (Nantes area) and the Nanterre church (Paris area). Some of his paintings, for that matter, have a religious or biblical theme.

Paul Lemasson signed his paintings Paul Lemasson J. or Paul Lemasson Jeune (J. or Jeune for Young) to be different from his elder brother Albert Lemasson who was a painter too. This explains that some of his paintings are listed under the name of Jean Paul Lemasson.

We can imagine the artist as somebody discreet with a sense of modest and quiet happiness, enjoying nothing but painting in his Nantes area and far away from all artistic fashions and coterie.
And no doubt that his isolation and detachment from all external influences allied with a strong master helped him in developing a highly personal work, almost timeless and astonishingly poetic.

Paul Lemasson remains an artist to be revealed and a very few in known about the painter and about his work. This site will increase with all the informations you will communicate and all the pictures of paintings you will send. It is known that Paul Lemasson had a merchant in the United States and many of his paintings are all the way along the States.