Richard Bellias
French 1921-1974

Richard Bellias was born in Paris in 1921 and died in 1974. He studied at the Acadamies libres in Paris. He was a student of Othon Friesz at the Academie de la Grande Chaumiere and a student of the sculptor Robert Wlerick at the school of Arts Appliques. In 1946 Bellias met Edouard Goerg a great influence on his knowledge of color and technique. In 1957 and 1959 he was awarded first prize at the Salon for young painters. Bellias had his own exhibitions in 1951 at the Monique de roote Gallery in Paris, the Cardo Gallery in 1956, Jean-Claude Bellier Gallery in 1960 and many others in France and abroad.

Member: The Autumn Salon, Salon of Independent Artists, Salon of Young Painters, The School of Paris, The Tuileries Salon

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