Roger Derieux
French, B.1922-


Roger was born in Paris in 1922, after having lived and worked in Paris and the Ardèche, Roger DERIEUX up his studio in the Lot, Pern, white Quercy.

It has since 1950, more than 50 solo exhibitions in France and abroad, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, USA, Japan, etc., also participating in numerous group exhibitions in France and in the world.

He continued, since its inception, an independent path, realizing in evolution without breaking, a demanding work, looking both to himself and language increasingly stripped. Party of expression emphasizing color and open to the outside world, it has come to an internalization and an abandonment of any human readable representation.

Thus the series of "cities" that has held for a long period and has treated so increasingly allusive, led to collage, which since the 1980s represents for him a direct extension of the painting. He also treats the collage painter, rarely using existing elements, paving and painting in oil paper it uses as and extent of its ongoing work, often combining painting and collage.

La Bouteille de Vin
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Les Toits Bleus
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