George Loring Brown
American, 1814-1889

Often referred to as “Claude” Brown because of his admiration for and emulation of landscapes of Claude Lorrain. His picturesque scenes, populated by peasants and classical monuments, and set in and around Florence, Rome, Naples and Venice, brought him much attention. These romantic views particularly appealed to Americans making the grand tour of Europe.

Alonzo Hartwell, Boston 1826
Abel Bowen, Joseph Andrews, Boston 1832
Eugene Isabey, Paris 1833

Boston Athenaeum, 1834-74
National Academy of Design, 1837-85
Apollo Association and American Art Union, 1839-52
Pennsylvania Academy of Design, 1836-64
Maryland Historical Society, 1848-53
Boston Arts Club, 1875-1882

A Coastal View
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Pastoral Landscape with Locomotive and Picnic Goers
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Lake Of Nemi, Near Rome
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