Denes Holesch
Hungarian, 1910-1983
Lucha de Toros
Oil on canvas

Signed lower right


Estate of Denes Holesch
Property of a Gentleman, New York
Le Trianon Fine Art & Antiques

Inventory Number: Art H370
1950-present Animals European Figurative Period 1950-Present Sporting Art Impressionist/Post Impressionist

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Denes Holesch
Hungarian, 1910-1983

Denes Holesch (Denes de Holesch) was born in 1910 in Besztercebanya, Hungary. He entered the Academy of Fine Arts as a Hungarian with a Czechoslovakian passport, since Hungary was divided after the Trianon Treaty in 1920. That frustrating feeling made him try his fortune abroad. He became devoted to freedom, while he was homesick constantly and desperately.

During the fifty years he spent outside Hungary, he lived and worked in fifteen countries. After China and the Philippines he went to Bali. The seven years he spent in Australia proved to be significant both in his career and private life. He met the celebrated pianist, Joyce Greer there, and married her. He longed to go to America, the land of freedom. He did not arrive to surrender but to conquer. 

He became a member of the American Portrait Painters' Society and received the American citizenship. An Australian critic told him once: 'Denes, you are the Stubbs of the 20th century!'. He was more and more appreciated as an artist, but Europe's call was stronger.

Breaking his vow he made back in 1956, he returned to Hungary in 1983. He could not enjoy his homeland for a long time, as a few month later, on 11th May he died. Holesch's first run came to an end. Wherever he went in the world, he claimed to be a Hungarian painter. His death pushed him back to unfamiliarity.

As a result of the devoted work by his family members and Hungarian art lovers, he has become a recognized, popular painter in his homeland Hungary. Although his paintings appear regularly in international auctions, a tremendous proportion of his art heritage was discovered in the world and brought to Hungary for his Centenary Exhibition in 2010.