Interior Paintings

Bencion (Benn) Rabinowitch
Poland 1905 - Paris 1989
Dancing Girls
Oil on board
14 ½ in. by 21 in. W/frame 21 ½ in. by 28 in.

Inventory Number: Art B64
Louis Fabricant
American, 20th Century
Female Nude in Interior
Gouache on paper
17 by 14 in. W/frame 23 by 20 in.

Inventory Number: Art F468
Pierre Lelong
Femme Nue Apres le Bain
Oil on canvas
23 ¾ by 11 ½ in. W/frame 28 ¾ by 16 ½ in.

Inventory Number: Art L105
George Elmer Browne
American, 1871-1946
Before the Rehearsal
Oil on panel
14 by 14 in. W/frame 19 by 19 in.

Inventory Number: Art B209
Hendrik Scholten
Dutch, 1824-1907
The Love Letter
Oil on panel
9 1/2 x 7 1/4 in. W/frame 19 ½ by 17 ¼ in.

Inventory Number: Art S157
Francois-Xavier Fabre
French 1766-1837
Portrait of Chevalier de Vernègues
Oil on canvas
46 by 35 in. W/frame 58 by 47 in.

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Based on images, Dr. Laure Pellicer has identified this portrait to be a work by François-Xavier Fabre. She believes the portrait to depict the Chevalier de Vernègues who was appointed by Louis 18th as the Resident Minister in Tuscany in 1818.

Inventory Number: Art F459
Paul Ortlip
American, B. 1926
The Rehearsal
Oil on canvas
24 by 29 in. W/frame 28 by 33 in.

Inventory Number: Art O14
Jules Trayer
French, 1824-1908
An Elegant Interior
Oil on panel
14 by 11 in. W/frame 20 ½ by 17 ½ in.

Inventory Number: Art T31
Eugène Paul Dieudonne
French, 1825-1892
Portrait Of A Lady And A Dog In A Elegant Interior Setting
Oil on panel
32 by 25 W/Frame 38 by 31 in.

Inventory Number: Art D241
Denes Holesch
Hungarian, 1910-1983
String Quartet
Oil / Canvas
16 by 20 in. W/frame 21 by 25 in.

Inventory Number: Art H76